HAB : Bearings AURORA

Main features

AURORA ball joint of the highest quality, used mainly in the car-motorcycle racing and nautical sector.

The joints are made with a Teflon liner with a very low friction coefficient.
They are Maintenance-free-Self-lubricated.
Temperature range from -54°c up to +121°c.
Available with two fixing systems:
1) Type that requires the use of an elastic ring (Seeger)
2) V-groove type (distinguishable from the "V" in the code) characterized by a groove on the external ring, allows installation by riveting with the appropriate tools (Stacking tools).

Available in various sizes :

  • HAB-4T hole=1/4 diam. external joint = 18.79MM width. band=6.47MM
  • HAB-5T hole = 5/16 diam. external joint = 17.46MM width. band = 8.76MM
  • HAB-6T hole= 3/8 diam. external joint = 22.86MM width. band = 8.76MM
  • HAB-7T hole = 7/16 diam. external joint = 25.40MM width. band = 8.76MM
  • HAB-8T hole= 1/2 diam. external joint = 28.57MM width. band = 10.18MM
  • HAB-10T hole= 5/8 diam. external joint = 34.92MM width. band = 14.40MM
  • HAB-12T hole= 3/4 diam. external joint = 39.68MM width. band = 15.74MM
  • HAB-14T hole = 7/8 diam. external joint = 44.45MM width. band = 15.87MM

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