FG-Silicon Tape

Main features

FG-SILICON is a self-fusing/wrapping and self-sealing silicone tape for quick repairs.

Very versatile and easy to use, it can withstand extreme temperatures, high pressures, voltage, humidity, corrosion and contaminants.
It can be used as a sealing tape for plumbing, ducts and hoses.
The unique feature of this product is the high bonding power to itself, thanks to the special silicone formula.
It has a long life and resists acids, fuels, oils, solvents, sea water and UVA rays.

APPLICATION: combined with FG900 sheaths for insulation and covering of electrical cables, covering of high temperature duct joints etc.

FG-SIL TAPE = thickness 0.5MM x width 25MM (10 MT roll).

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