Heat reflectors and insulators

GOLD Reflective Film

Glass-Aluminized Sheet

Silica-Aluminized Sheet

Teknofibra Sheet TKF-80 / TKF-600

Teknofibra Sleeves TKF

Heat-Protection Sleeve - FG900

Heat-Protection Sleeve - FG900 (with Velcro)

Heat-Protection Sleeve TEXTALU

FG-Silicon Tape

Fireproof Sheet Heat Protection

Heat-Protection Bandages for Exhaust

Hi-Heat Coating - Spray for Exhaust

Momec Italia distributes a wide range of thermal reflective and insulating products, specifically for cars, motorcycles, racing components and, in general, for motorsport. Heat-reflecting materials are able to repel and reflect heat thanks to the presence of aluminium or mirrored foils. Gold Film Reflect is an aerospace-derived product, capable of reflecting 78% of radiant heat at constant use temperatures of +450°c. Gold Film Reflect reflects most of the heat from sources such as engines, turbines, car and motorbike exhausts. Gold Film Reflect is also very light and thin, easy to apply and shape to various surfaces. Glass-aluminised fabric and silica-aluminised fabric are high quality products used for both reflection and thermal insulation. In fact, aluminium foil reflects heat, while the inner glass fabric (+500°c) or silica fabric (+780°c) protect and insulate against high temperatures. They are mostly used in the racing and aerospace sectors. TKF (Teknofibre) panels and sheaths have an aluminium foil on the top to reflect the heat, while on the inside there is a layer consisting of carbon and glass fibres, which is able to insulate and protect against extremely high temperatures (+700°c). 'FG' and 'Textalu' silicone sheaths are used to protect tubes from heat sources, in oil, petrol, radiator, brake systems, etc. piping systems for the motorsport sector. Finally, another highly qualitative thermal insulation product is the thermal gauze for car and motorcycle exhausts. It is rolled and applied to cover the drain and allows the heat emitted to be insulated/contained.