Aeronautical Countersunk Rivet

Main features

Aeronautical flared rivet is made of aluminum and galvanized steel nail.

It is a very high quality product that allows you to tighten different thicknesses and is particularly suitable in cases where the diameter holes are not perfect (ovalized or imperfect).
Furthermore, this special type of rivet allows the nail head to be retained after fixing, avoiding the infiltration of liquids.

Available in different sizes:

  • RIV-TS 2.4-8= diameter 2.4MM x length 8MM
  • RIV-TS 2.4-10= diameter 2.4MM x length 10MM
  • RIV-TS 2.4-12= diameter 2.4MM x length 12MM
  • RIV-TS 3.2-10= diameter 3.2MM x length 10MM
  • RIV-TS 3.2-14= diameter 3.2MM x length 14MM
  • RIV-TS 4-10= diameter 4MM x length 10MM
  • RIV-TS 4-14= diameter 4MM x length 14MM
  • RIV-TS 4-18= diameter 4MM x length 18MM
  • RIV-TS 4.8-11= diameter 4.8MM x length 11MM
  • RIV-TS 4.8-17= diameter 4.8MM x length 17MM

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