Aeronautical Fasteners

Keensert (Keylocking Threaded Inserts) - KNM

Keensert (Keylocking Threaded Inserts Heavy Duty) - KNHM

Keensert (Keylocking Threaded Inserts Self-Locking) - KNML

Keensert Tool - K TOOL

Live Lock - 1800 Series


Live Lock CA1820 / CA1821 - STUD NUT FLUSH

Livesert CA18062 - RECEPTACLE

Camloc Cylinder Head Cross - 2600/2700 Series

Camloc Cylinder Head Slotted - 2600/2700 Series

Camloc Flat Head Cross - 2600/2700 Series

Camloc Receptacle - 2600/2700 Series

Camloc Retaining Washers - LW2600

Installation Tool for Retaining Washers LW2600

Camloc Receptacle and Nut - 99R10 Series

Camloc - 4002 Series

Camloc Receptacle - 4002 Series

Dzus Fastener Quarter Turn STUD- EHF5

Dzus Fastener RECEPTACLE SPRING - S5-300 and S4-200

Dzus Fastener Quarter Turn STUD - D4AJ

Dzus Tool

Pip Pins - Quick Release Pins (Metric)

Pip Pins - Quick Release Pins (Inch)

Wiggins - Connectors

Hydraflow - Connectors

Aeronautical Countersunk Rivet Stainless Steel - CCR 264

Aeronautical Countersunk Rivet

Aeronautical Cylinder Head Rivet

Structural Rivet - Avdel

Kit Keensert Keylocking Threaded Inserts

Kit Aeronautical Fasteners

Momec Italia distributes a wide range of fasteners (fasteners or fixing systems) for the aeronautical sector, which can also be used for motorsport and racing. Keenserts are internal and external threaded inserts with a self-locking fastening system that makes them highly secure. They are used to restore damaged threads or even on newly manufactured applications (carbon, magnesium, steel etc.). Keensert is a threaded bushing made of stainless steel or high-strength steel. They can be of the normal type or in the self-locking series. In addition, there is the Keensert heavy duty 'KNHM' range, which has a higher material thickness than the normal Keensert 'KNM' series. The Keenserts, compared to other similar systems (Heli Coil, Time Sert and Threaded Bushings), offer far better performance and are safer. Livelock is an aeronautical fastener that allows the assembly of two parts with a simple closing/reopening movement. They are mainly used for fixing the fairings, bodywork and laminates of aircraft, helicopters, cars and racing motorbikes. Livelocks are made from state-of-the-art, high-quality materials such as titanium, stainless steel and ergal. Camloc is a quick 1/4-turn fastening system for assembling components, fairings and body parts, safely and quickly. The Camloc attaches by means of cross or slotted screwdriver tools. Available with countersunk or cylindrical head, in different types of material (galvanised steel, stainless steel or tropicalised steel). Dzus is a quick 1/4-turn fastening system for assembling components, fairings and body parts safely and quickly. Different shapes are available for fixing/closing formula fairings or motorbike fairings. Other products that belong to the fasteners and quick-release fasteners category are 'Pip Pins'. They are also referred to as spring ball fastening pins and allow quick coupling and uncoupling between two components, mainly with application in the motorsport and racing sectors. Pip Pins are cylindrical in shape with various diameters and lengths (metric and inch). The handles can be ring-shaped, T-shaped or cylindrical. Finally, in the aerospace and motorsport sectors, special aeronautical rivets with high-performance characteristics are used. Manufactured from high-quality, high-strength materials, they allow safe and durable clamping of components.