Cable Ties TY-RAP Thomas & Betts (Steel Lock)

Main features

High quality nylon cable ties, resistant to heavy workloads.

The main feature is the steel retaining tooth, which allows for a very strong grip-tightening, withstanding tensions and loads of up to 60 kg.
Different colours, with a range of sizes available for all needs, resist temperatures and UV rays.
They comply with military standards MIL.-S-23190.
The BLACK color type is particularly suitable for resisting atmospheric agents.

  • TY-23MX= 92mm 2.4mm (length x thickness)
  • TY-232MX= 203mm 2.4mm (length x thickness)
  • TY-234MX= 356mm 2.4mm (length x thickness)
  • TY-24MX= 140mm 3.6mm (length x thickness)
  • TY-242MX= 208mm 3.6mm (length x thickness)
  • TY-26MX= 284mm 3.6mm (length x thickness)
  • TY-244MX= 368mm 3.6mm (length x thickness)
  • TY-25MX= 186mm 4.8mm (length x thickness)
  • TY-253MX= 290mm 4.8mm (length x thickness)
  • TY-28MX= 361mm 4.8mm (length x thickness)
  • TY-27MX= 340mm 7.0mm (length x thickness)
  • TY-275MX= 457mm 7.0mm (length x thickness)
  • TY-29MX= 771mm 7.0mm (length x thickness)



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