Hand-Held Digital Lap Timer

Main features

MultiChron is an extremely versatile portable digital stopwatch, which allows you to simultaneously view and store the times of different competitors in the most varied disciplines.

Its memory allows you to record the times of 4 competitors, up to 99 laps/each and their succession.
You can also record up to 9 split times per lap.
Ultra-light (100 g. batteries included), black colour, easy to handle, racing design and 25.5mm x 29mm display.

MultiChron is the ideal tool for following any type of competition.

Start special features:
MultiChron has 2 Start modes (depending on the different types of competition):
1 - One Start Mode = allows you to start all the competitors by pressing a single button: this is the case of races in which all the competitors start at the same time.
2 - Multi Start Mode = designed for races in which the competitors start at different times and allows you to activate the stopwatch for each of them, independently.

Multi-Key or One Key timing mode:
With MultiChron it is also possible to detect times with absolute precision, even when the competitors pass through a given point of the route at the same time: by selecting Multi-Key, the times are associated with the 4 different competitors by clicking the 1, 2, 3 and 4 buttons.
By selecting One Key, the 4 times are recorded by clicking the same button and then assigned to the 4 different competitors: it is a very useful function in the event of a sprint finish.


  • Accuracy to the hundredth of a second
  • Weight: 100g (batteries included)
  • Large 25.5 x 29 mm display with backlight
  • Store up to 99 lap times, with 9 split times for each lap
  • Up to 4 competitors with single or multiple starts
  • Recall data during storage
  • Auto-off device after inactivity
  • 2 batteries 3V that ensure you do not lose saved data.

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