Racing equipment


Air Bottles Trolley (Single or Double) – Pit Stop

Air Bottles – Pit Stop

Air Compressor Momec for Recharge Bottles – Pit Stop

Air Pressure Regulator – R1100 HCQ

Double Connection Fitting for Air Bottles

Hose High Pressure - Pit Stop

Hoses High Pressure for Pit Stop

High Pressure Fittings CEJN eSafe for PIT-STOP

Racing Wheel Guns – Pit Stop

Sockets for Wheel Gun – Pit Stop

Racing Cric - Rally Car

Digital Gauge INTERCOMP

Digital Gauge LONGACRE

Pyrometer Tyre Probe

Replacement Brake Probe

Tyre Humidity/Temperature Meter

Tyrecontrol – Tyre's Temperatures and Pressures

Deluxe Digital Pyrometer

Digital Pyrometer (with Memory)

Thermal Imaging Camera

Infrared Laser Temperature Gun

Quick Weight Scale System (Wi-Fi + Bluetooth) – for Car

Quick Weight Scale System – for Car

Quick Weight Scale System – for Motorbike

Digital Turn Plate

Mechanical Turn Plate

Scale Pad Leveler

Laser Tool for Convergence – DUNLOP AGO 45L

Digital Levels PRO 360

Rim Clamp

Spring Testers

Bleed Bottles for Brakes

Wheel and Tyre Trolley

Wheel and Tyre Dolly with Pole

Wheel and Tyre Cleaning Bath

Kit Pit Stop Board

Rotary Racing Fuel Pump EUR

Rotary Racing Fuel Pump USA

Kit Refuelling Bottle Fuel

Booster START

Battery Charger – ODYSSEY

Battery Charger - SUPER B OptiMate Lithium

Hand-Held Digital Lap Timer

Paddock Clock

Momec Italia distributes a wide range of racing equipment for cars, motorcycles and, in general, for motorsport. Beginning with the Professional PIT STOP Kit, consisting of: -Stainless steel cylinder trolley -Pressure reducer -Steel 15/18 LT SUB cylinder -Hose connected with quick-connect couplings for pneumatic tyre dismantling guns. Highly practical and easy for teams to use for pit stop operations. The wide range of racing equipment that Momec distributes for the motorsport sector includes various professional instruments such as digital manometers and analogue manometers for checking tyre pressure, pyrometers for monitoring brake-tyre temperatures, scales sets and swivelling plates for perfect alignment of the car set-up (Caster-Camber). Other racing equipment used for both workshop and track operations includes: Towable tyre trolleys, rim and wheel washing tanks, racer indication tables, racing petrol pumps and components, and rapid refuelling systems.