Heat-Protection Sleeve - FG900

Main features

FG900 thermal insulating sheath for pipes is a sheath based on braided fiberglass and covered with a high layer of silicone rubber (red or silver).

It resists a temperature of +260°c.
The silicone rubber-based external coating has high resistance to abrasion and is particularly suitable for the protection of car/motorcycle cooling pipes, cables for electrical circuits, movement and manipulation of highly overheated metals and molten slag.
It protects operators from the risk of burns caused by the intense heat radiated by the tubes, it can be used in induction ovens and for the protection of the cooling circuits of electrical power cables.

Available in various sizes:

  • FG900-08= diameter int. 8 MM
  • FG900-10= diameter int. 10 MM
  • FG900-12= diameter int. 12 MM
  • FG900-16= diameter int. 16 MM
  • FG900-20= diameter int. 20 MM
  • FG900-22= diameter int. 22 MM
  • FG900-25= diameter int. 25 MM
  • FG900-30= diameter int. 30 MM
  • FG900-35= diameter int. 35 MM
  • FG900-40= diameter int. 40 MM
  • FG900-45= diameter int. 45 MM
  • FG900-50= diameter int. 50 MM
  • FG900-55= diameter int. 55 MM
  • FG900-60= diameter int. 60 MM

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