HOGLA - Aluminized Tape High Temperature

Main features

HOGLA is an aluminized adhesive tape with the same characteristics as 3M 363 and 363L.

Made with a layer of aluminum foil coupled with a glass fabric (150g/m2) and a silicone adhesive, to allow applications in the presence of high temperatures.
A high adhesive power allows use on different types of materials.

Available in different sizes/heights:

  • HOGLA-50= height 50MM x length 33.5MT
  • HOGLA-75= height 75MM x length 33.5MT
  • HOGLA-100= height 100MM x length 33.5MT
  • HOGLA-150= height 150MM x length 33.5MT
  • HOGLA-300= height 300MM x length 33.5MT

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