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Tesa Insulation Velcrated Tape

Momec Italia distributes a wide range of specific tapes and adhesives for cars, bikes, bodyworks, racing components and, in general, for motorsport. A transparent tape is used in motorsport for the protection of fairing, bodywork and parts of racing cars and motorbikes: helicopter tape. "Momec Helicopter Tape" or "3M Helicopter Tape" are tapes that are applied over the fairing or bodywork in such a way as to create a transparent protective film that is very resistant to bumps, stones, and debris, which often end up hitting the vehicle at high speeds. Very elastic and super resistant, it is a protective tape used mainly by teams in rally, Formula 1 and lower tiers, GT championships, hypercars, Moto GP, superbikes and, in general, all major racing championships. Helicopter Tape owes its name to the fact that it is used to protect helicopter blades. Other professional products include the range of "Tesa 4651", "Tesa 4671" and "Momec Telato Tape", in various classic colours (black, white, grey, blue, yellow, red, green) and the four fluorescent colours (fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink). Tesa Tape is high-performance, has high adhesive power and is resistant to high temperatures. It is often used in paddocks, workshops or directly on cars. It is a professional product and suitable for motorsport. Our product range includes 3M Aluminium Tape and "Hogla" tape (made from a layer of aluminium foil laminated with a glass fabric (150gr/sqm) and a silicone adhesive, to allow applications in high temperatures). In order to increase grip in certain parts of the car (e.g. pedals) or at certain points in the workshop, garage or pit stop area, we stock safety walk tape (anti-slip tape), consisting of an adhesive base with a rough surface on the opposite side, to increase grip and prevent slipping. Our catalogue also features numerous types of PVC tape and double-sided gauzed tape with high adhesive power. Finally, in the Motorsport and Industrial sector, 3M Dual Lock Velcro, a professional product with a strong adhesive and high UV resistance, is often used for various applications.