INDI SEAT – Kit for Seats

Main features

INDI SEAT kit uses a vacuum casting bag and a fast curing resin (30 min.).

Simple and professional system, able to adapt to any driver, in any racing car.
It offers the driver an "INDI-vidual" seating solution for the optimal driving position, with improved performance and greater driving safety.

The materials have been extensively tested at a testing laboratory, approved by the FIA.
Available in the following formats: 20LT - 25LT - 30LT - 40LT - 50LT - 70LT.

Kit contents:

  • Beaded bag (with a filter valve)
  • Resin and hardener (resin with colorant to facilitate mixing)
  • Funnel, Mixing Kit, Tube (For Vacuum)
  • Instruction manual

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