Chemical products

Bicomponent Glue - FAST MOMEC BLACK


Bicomponent Glue - SUPERFAST MOMEC

Tool for Bicomponent Glue

3M DP 490 Bicomponent Glue

3M DP 490 Bicomponent Glue (LARGE-400ML)

3M DP 105 Bicomponent Glue

3M DP 8810 Bicomponent Glue

3M EC 9323 B/A

Bicomponent Polyurethane for Seats – ITA

INDI SEAT – Kit for Seats

Brake Cleaner – 25 Litres

Brake Cleaner – SPRAY 500 ml

Royal Purple MAX-ATOMIZER - Injector Cleaner

Royal Purple MAX-BOOST – Octane Plus

Royal Purple Ice

Evans Power Cool 180°

Water Wetter SuperCoolant - Red Line


Rain X - FOG-OFF

DOWSIL Dow Corning 732

Devcon F-2 - Aluminum Liquid

Loctite AA 330 + Activator SF 7388


Autosol- Metal Polish

Hylomar Blue

Brake Disc Temperature Paint Kit

Araldite Rapid

Grip Tyre

3M 847 – Glue for Rubber and Gaskets

3M 77 Scotch Weld - Spray Glue

Momec Italia distributes a wide range of chemicals, glues and additives specific for cars, motorcycles, racing components and, in general, for motorsport. Momec's 'Fast and Superfast' two-component glues are universal and compatible with many different types of surfaces: metals, ceramics, glass, wood, plastics and composite materials (carbon, kevlar, fiberglass, etc.). These two-component glues harden and set within minutes and are ideal for workshop, warehouse or laboratory work. For machining and bonding carbon or composites, there is a wide range of specific glues: "3M DP105", "3M DP460", "3M DP490" are two-component glues for metals, carbon fibres, glass fibres and aramid fibres. Other highly professional and specific products include Epoxy Resins and '3M EC 9323 A+B' glue, ideal for processing and bonding carbon and Kevlar. With regard to Formula or Karting single-seaters, we have two types of driver seat kits available for the production and creation of the customised seat: the "Estan" + "Esapol" Polyurethane for seats or the "Indi Seat" kit with vacuum system. These products make it possible to make a customised car seat for the driver. For cleaning the brake system, brake cleaner sprays are available in cans or 25-litre drums. There is a wide range of additives for cars and motorbikes: coolant additive for cooling, engine oil additive, octane-boosting additive or injector cleaner. The main brands we stock are 'Evans', 'Royal Purple', 'Red Line'. Finally, we distribute other specific chemical products for racing cars and motorbikes, such as anti-fog liquid ('Rain x- Anti Fog'), anti-rain liquid ('Rain x- Anti Rain') used for car windows and windshields or motorbike windshields; 'Autosol-Metal Polish' polishing paste suitable for polishing chrome parts and bringing steel parts back to life; 'Devcon-F2 liquid aluminium' ideal for quick repairs of aluminium alloy parts and, finally, the wide range of 'Loctite' threadlockers and glues.