Livesert CA18062 - RECEPTACLE

Main features

LIVESERT CA18062 is a particular Receptacle-Keensert with external thread.

Product with very high sealing characteristics.
Used in various sectors (aeronautical-railway-space-mechanical).

Material: CRES
Barrel Material: 300 CRES per ASTM-A581/582/320, AMS5640/5738
Screw Material: A286 CRES per AMS5731 to AMS5737
Finish: Passivate per QQ-P-35
Screw Heat Treat: 140 KSI Min per MIL-H-6875
Thread Size, Class 3A: 0.1640-32 UNC 4 Lead

  • CA 18062= diam. stem 1/2 "UNC / thread 0.556 INC

*Complete catalog in pdf.

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