Quick Release Steering Wheel

Main features

Allow quick release of the steering wheel.

Made using heavily anodized aeronautical aluminium, capable of providing greater strength and durability.
The male and female components are precision cut, incorporating a "tooth" for perfect alignment.

Brands treated: Lifeline, Omp, Sabelt, Sparco.

Different types and models available:

  • FORMULA CAR: 3 holes, wheelbase 50.8 mm,
  • TOURING CAR: 6 holes, 70 mm center distance.
  • GROUP N/ TUNING: quick release mechanism in combination with each steering wheel flange having 6 holes, center distance 70 mm.

*The electric versions are equipped with a pre-wired 8-way electrical connector, so as to allow the use of steering wheel instruments.

*All connectors meet IP50 specifications.

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