Racing components

Modular Floor for Paddock

Fuel Pump Facet Bendix

Racing Fuel Pump Bosch

Racing Fuel Pump Low Pressure

Female Refuelling Valves

Male Refuelling Valves

Fuel Cells

Fuel Tank Baffle Foam

Filler Caps

Racing Brake Pads

Racing Brake Calipers

Racing Brake Discs

Temperature Strips - THERMAX

Master Cylinders

Reservoirs for Master Cylinders

Prop Valves

Racing Handbrake

Racing Clutch

Oil Pump – Mocal TCP1

Racing Oil Coolers

Hand-Held Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Fixed

Race and Rally Steering Wheel

Quick Release Steering Wheel

Racing Harnesses

FIA Mirrors

Rain Lights

Analog Dash Display


Racing Tachometer

Racing Pedal Boxes

Romboidal Grid for Radiators

Voulkolan – Sheets

Heat Resistant Gloves

Momec Italia distributes a wide range of racing components for cars, motorcycles and motorsport in general. The modular paddock floor is practical for creating workspaces inside boxes, paddocks and workshops. Composed of plastic material and highly resistant to oils, petrol, hydrocarbons and friction. As for the car's fuel system, we distribute various racing components such as male/female refuelling valves, various types of fuel tanks, tank caps and a wide range of petrol pumps. In the complete braking system of a car we find different types and professional brands of racing brake calipers, racing brake discs and brake pads ("Ferodo", "AP Racing", "Pagid", "Mintex" etc.), brake reservoirs and brake master cylinders, brake distributors and finally, to monitor the operating temperature of the braking system, adhesive strips are used for temperature detection ("Thermax" adhesive thermometer). Another indispensable component for vehicle safety is the fixed extinguishing system or swinging extinguisher. On request, we also provide a certified refill and overhaul service for extinguishing systems and fire extinguishers. There is a wide range of other racing components that are fundamental for cars, such as specific instruments for monitoring performance and statistics, multifunction dashboards, speedometers and tachometers, different types of racing pedals, racing steering wheels and steering wheel hubs, as well as specific safety belts for racing and rally cars and mirrors for Formula vehicles and other types of cars.