Quick Weight Scale System – for Car

Main features

Scale kit (INTERCOMP) for vehicle weighing, with cable.

-Weight capacity 700 kg, system capacity 2,800 kg. Save up to 100 set-ups.
-Selectable display modes
-Calculation of the center of gravity
-Accuracy certified to 0.1%
-Display character size 0.5"
-Backlit display
-Displays every combination of weight and percentages from the plates
-9V rechargeable battery
-RS232 serial output
-Dim. weighs 381x381x64 mm

-Graded cables and MIL standard graded connectors
-Can be interfaced with the "Race Car Management" PC software

The Kit includes:
-4 plates
-Touch-screen display with wiring
-9V battery
-AA batteries for the plates
-2 year warranty

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