Royal Purple MAX-BOOST – Octane Plus

Main features

Max Boost is a highly powerful petrol additive produced by Royal Purple, capable of significantly increasing fuel performance for any type of car and motorbike, with injection or carburetion, for naturally aspirated or turbo engines.

  • increases octane by 30 points or 3 numbers
  • compatible with any type of petrol
  • compatible with ethanol
  • cleans the injectors effectively
  • increases the performance of any car and motorbike
  • markedly reduces head knocking (anti-knock effect)
  • 100% compatible even with latest generation cars
  • increases valve lubrication, so it can also be used as a lead substitute
  • lowers fuel consumption
  • stabilizes the fuel, preventing its degradation
  • extraordinary for both road and racing use


473ml treats 55-95 liters of Fuel.

Maximum possible dosage: 1 bottle in 40-45 litres.

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