Spiral Sheath GTB - High Temperature

Main features

Spiral sheath for HIGH TEMPERATURES, made of PTFE, suitable for creating electrical systems/wiring and protecting them from any type of abrasion.

Operating temperatures: -70°C to +260°C.
Quick installation thanks to high flexibility.
Standard colour: Black.

Available in various sizes:

  • GTB-30= diam. int. 3 MM    
  • GTB-50= diam. int. 5 MM    
  • GTB-75= diam. int. 7,5 MM    
  • GTB-100= diam. int. 10 MM    
  • GTB-125= diam. int. 12,5 MM    
  • GTB-200= diam. int. 20 MM    
  • GTB-255= diam. int. 25,5 MM

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