Electrical components

Battery Charger – ODYSSEY

Battery Charger - SUPER B OptiMate Lithium

Battery Charger – DECA

ODYSSEY Battery (Extreme Racing)

Lithium Battery – BRAILLE

Lithium Battery – SUPER B

Spiral Sheath GTB - High Temperature

Raychem DR25 – Thermo-Shrinkable

Raychem ATUM – Thermo-Shrinkable with Glue

Thermo-Shrinkable Polyolefin

ROUNDIT 2000 - Anti Friction Sleeve

Raychem – Aeronautical Electric Cables

Anderson – Mono/Bipolar Plugs

Klixon 2TC- Circuit Breakers

Momec Italia distributes a wide range of electrical components for cars, motorbikes and motorsport in general. Professional and specific lithium and lead batteries for the racing sector, complete with battery chargers for charging and maintenance. Momec Italia distributes batteries and chargers from professional brands such as 'Odyssey Extreme', 'Super B', and 'Deka'. We have a wide range of Raychem heat shrink tubing in various colours, with or without internal adhesive backing, ideal for protecting and bundling wiring for electrical installations. The GTB spiral wound conduit is ideal for use at high temperatures, made of PTFE, suitable for electrical installations/cables and able to protect them from any type of abrasion. Operating temperatures: -70°C to +260°C. Different types of electrical cables specifically for the motorsport and aerospace sectors are also available, with a wide range of sizes and colours. Finally, we distribute Anderson plugs for cable harnesses in Mono and Bi-Polar types, with capacities from 50 Ah to 175 Ah.