Temperature Strips - THERMAX

Main features

THERMAX are self-adhesive and printed thermometers with various temperature ranges (both °C and °F).

Instructions for Use: Remove the adhesive protection and press the label firmly onto a clean, dry surface.
When subjected to heat, an irreversible color change from silver white/orange to black occurs along the strip, thus recording the maximum temperature reached.

Different kits available depending on the temperature range:

  • THERMAX-A= range temperature 37°C - 65°C    
  • THERMAX-B= range temperature 71°C - 110°C    
  • THERMAX-C= range temperature 116°C - 154°C    
  • THERMAX-D= range temperature 160°C - 199°C    
  • THERMAX-E= range temperature 204°C - 260°C    
  • THERMAX-F= range temperature 149°C - 260°C    
  • THERMAX-G= range temperature 121°C - 280°C

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