AP Racing - Brake Oil

Main features

AP Racing Brake Oil specific for hydraulic braking systems for the Motorsport/Racing sector.

High quality product, suitable for competitive motor sports, where extreme braking conditions occur.

Available in 500 ml format.

1) AP RACING RADI-CAL R1 = suitable for all forms of Motorsport, compliant with FMVSS 116 DOT3 specifications and compatible with magnesium, but has a higher boiling point than normal brake fluids intended for road use.
(Boiling points: dry 269°c - wet 151°c).

2) AP RACING RADI-CAL R2 = has a dry boiling point above 300°c and was developed for racing applications where high temperatures are reached, for example when using carbon discs and where maximum performance is required.
(Boiling points: dry 312°c - wet 204°c)

3) AP RACING RADI-CAL R3 = has a dry boiling point of 320°c, 20°c higher than some other leading brands. AP Racing Radi-CAL R3 has advanced moisture resistance characteristics, low viscosity levels, low compressibility levels and meets DOT4 specifications.
Before using AP Racing Radi-CAL R3, existing brake fluid must be completely drained from the brake system.

The system must be thoroughly flushed with Radi-CAL R3 and then filled completely.
(Boiling points: dry 325°c - wet 204°c).

4) AP RACING RADI-CAL R4 = designed to respond better than any other product to extreme braking at the highest levels of competition.
R4 has the highest dry boiling point of all racing brake fluids currently available: at 340° c.
With extraordinary resistance to pedal fade (caused by the formation of water vapor) in the most demanding conditions, it allows for more consistent braking even at extreme brake temperatures.
Note: R4 can be mixed with DOT3 and DOT4 racing fluids, but for maximum product performance the braking system must be thoroughly cleaned with R4 fluid.
(Boiling points: dry 340°c - wet 204°c).

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