Castrol SRF - Brake Oil

AP Racing - Brake Oil

Endless RF-650 - Brake Oil

Kluber - Isoflex Topas NB52

Kluber - Staburags N 12 MF

Kluber - Staburags NBU 8 EP

Kluber - Tribo Star SYnth 2 Mob 2

Copaslip - Copper Grease

Molykote D-321 R - Anti-Friction

Molykote 111 Compound

CV-2 Red Line - Synthetic Grease

GKN Joint Grease for Tripoid – XP595

NEO Calcium Synthetic Grease – HPCC-1

SuperLube - Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease

RX-10 - Friction Eliminator

Royal Purple MAX GEAR - Gear Oil

Royal Purple SYNCHROMAX - Gear oil

Royal Purple - HP 2-C

Royal Purple XPR - Engine Oil

Royal Purple MAX EZ - Power Steering Oil


Momec Italia distributes a wide range of motorsport-specific lubricants for cars and motorbikes. For braking systems in racing cars and motorbikes, racing brake oil is used - ideal for high-level sports performance. In the motorsport and racing sector, teams mainly use 'Castrol' brake oil, 'AP Racing' brake oil, and 'Endless' brake oil: these are high-quality products, suitable for competitive motor sports, where extreme braking conditions occur. The wide range of 'Kluber' grease includes specific products for lubricating rolling and plain bearings, ball and roller bearings, constant velocity joints and mechanical transmission parts. Another synthetic grease is 'CV-2 Red Line' and 'GKN Motorsport XP595' tripod joint grease. Other lubricants used in the racing sector include the 'Molykote' range, formulated to optimise lubrication solutions in both production and maintenance to control friction, reduce wear, save energy, extend lubrication intervals, increase the reliability of manufactured goods and maintain high system productivity. The 'Royal Purple' range includes various types of high-quality greases, oils and lubricants: Gearbox Oil, 4-stroke and 2-stroke oil, engine oil, power steering fluid, etc. Finally, our catalogue includes the entire large family of WD-40 (Svitol) products, in various spray and can formats.