Grip Tyre

Main features

Grip Tyre is a gripping product for tyres, created to offer high performance and competitive and road performance.

It is applied uniformly on the surface of the tire (both with tread and slick), leaving it to act for approximately 3 days, so that the penetration and softening action is certain and sufficient.
The durometer (used to measure tire softness) reveals that one application of Grip Tire can increase a tire's softness by up to 20 points lower!
Ideal for car, kart and motorbike circuit competitions, as the use of Grip Tire is long-lasting and lasts for very long periods (it does not volatilize).
It acts on any tyre, both old and new, reversing the aging process and prolonging the "life" of the rubber.

Available in 1 liter can format.

1) Clean the tire surface with a scraper, removing all accumulated rubber.
This way it will penetrate deeper.

2) Pour the product into a container and spread the surface of the tire with a brush.
(The first coat will probably take about 20-30 minutes of absorption depending on the ambient temperature).

3) Further coats of Grip Tire are optional (always allowing absorption time after each pass).

Four or five coats give a significant increase in softness.

4) Leave to rest for approximately 3 days to allow adequate softening and allow the product to penetrate through the rubber.

*Tip: to speed up rest times, apply thermal blankets.

5) After use, the effect can be restored again by scraping off the accumulated gum and repeating the softening process.

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