Royal Purple MAX GEAR - Gear Oil

Main features

Royal Purple MAX GEAR is the only engine oil with Synerlec, the super resistant and slippery synthetic film.

Synerlec's large load capacity reduces wear on the engine, including rings, cylinders and bearings.
Extremely durable, it adheres to engine surfaces and stays there to provide immediate start-up protection.
Designed to provide maximum protection for heavily loaded gearboxes while increasing power through the transmission.
MAX GEAR motor oil can withstand the effects of heat far beyond other oils.
Furthermore, the slippery synthetic molecules not only reduce wear and friction, but significantly increase fluidity and lubricity at low temperatures, making it the ideal product for vehicles operating in cold climates.

Its advantages are demonstrated by industry-recognized test results, which are used as benchmarks for comparing the performance of oils:

  • Greater fluidity of the gearbox = improves gear engagement
    -Low friction coefficient = energy saving, temperature reduction and power increase
    -Performance at high temperatures = elimination of dangerous deposits and increase in oil life
    -Low temperature fluidity= meets the operational requirements of vehicles used in cold climates.
    -Corrosion prevention = protection of metals

-75W 90
-75W 140
-85W 140

Available in 950 ml bottle, 19 lt or 208 lt .

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