RX-10 - Friction Eliminator

Main features

RX-10 is a non-particulate metal-handling substance that goes beyond the normal hydrodynamic principle on which most lubricants are based.

RX-10 is able to treat metal, making metal surfaces smoother and harder, with numerous advantages.

RX-10 is used as a preventive maintenance program, as it reduces maintenance costs and downtime, it is a concentrate and its formula has been designed to be mixed with normal lubricants.

It mixes with the oil and is not subject to separation and/or falling, like other additives (e.g. P.T.F.E).
It increases the density of the metal surface by making it harder and smoother, rather than covering the surface with a coating.
Increases the load capacity of the bearings.
Does not contain particles such as PTFE, MOS2, graphite, ceramic, etc.
It is not flammable and is not harmful.
It is not harmful to the environment.
It does not affect the viscosity of the oil.
Contains agents that prevent the formation of rust and foam.

-engine oil (petroleum/synthetic)
-transmission fluid
-gear lubricant
-power steering fluid
-mineral oil (e.g. air conditioners)
-hydraulic fluids
-industrial and automotive greases
-assembly lubricants
-compressor fluid
-oil for compressed air tools
-oil for cutting tools

Automotive sector for the treatment of engines, gearboxes, differentials, power steering and air conditioners

Nautical sector for the treatment of outboard and inboard engines, transmissions, reducers and gears

Industrial sector for the treatment of bearings, gears, pumps and hydraulic presses, compressors and turbines.

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