Washers Nord Lock

Main features

NORD LOCK is an anti-unscrewing tightening system composed of a pair of washers which have a series of cams on the internal side, with an angle of inclination and on the external side a radial knurling-serration.

This system allows you to tighten using tension rather than friction, thus allowing an assembly of the highest quality and safety.
Available in stainless steel or cadmium-plated steel.

  • NL-03= diam.int. 3,40mm diam. est. 7,00mm  
  • NL-04= diam.int. 4,40mm diam. est. 7,60mm  
  • NL-05= diam.int. 5,40mm diam. est. 9,00mm  
  • NL-06= diam.int. 6,50mm diam. est. 10,80mm  
  • NL-08= diam.int. 8,70mm diam. est. 13,30mm  
  • NL-10= diam.int. 10,70mm diam. est. 16,60mm  
  • NL-12= diam.int. 13,00mm diam. est. 19,50mm  
  • NL-14= diam.int. 15,20mm diam. est. 23,00mm  
  • NL-16= diam.int. 17,00mm diam. est. 25,40mm  
  • NL-18= diam.int. 19,5mm diam. est. 29,00mm  
  • NL-20= diam.int. 21,40mm diam. est. 30,70mm  

Other sizes with larger diameters on request.

*Complete catalog in pdf.

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