Main features

WD-40 is an high quality universal lubricant product.

There are various fields of use and its functions:

  • ANTI-CORROSIVE: the film formed by WD-40 guarantees protection against water, humidity, frost and related corrosive effects. This action is long-lasting and preventive.
  • LUBRICANT: One of the main components of WD-40 is an active, permanent lubricant.
  • UNBLOCKING: releases seized parts and rusty, blocked or frozen mechanisms. The adhesion of WD-40 to the metal allows it to penetrate very quickly by capillarity into the minimal porosities of the metal, thus penetrating rust and a corrosive layer.
  • DETERGENT: easily eliminates grease, tar, glue, etc. stains. from any non-porous surface. It penetrates beneath the dirt, eliminating it, without leaving residues of corrosive agents.
  • WATER-REPELLENT: the high adhesion of WD-40 to the metal allows the formation of a perfect barrier against humidity. It infiltrates under the humidity and completely covers any surface, even those with micro irregularities. This quickly eliminates moisture from short circuits.

Available these size:

  • WD40-400 SPRAY (400 ML)
  • WD40-500 SPRAY (500 ML)

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