Carbon processing products

3M DP 490 Bicomponent Glue

3M DP 490 Bicomponent Glue (LARGE-400ML)

3M DP 8810 Bicomponent Glue

3M EC 9323 B/A

Epoxy Resin for Carbon

Carbon-Kevlar Panel

Carbon-Kevlar Sheet

Momec Italia distributes a wide range of specific products for machining-rolling and the gluing of carbon or composite materials: wide range of specific glues: '3M DP460', '3M DP490' and '3M DP8810' are two-component adhesives for carbon fibres, glass fibres and aramid fibres. Other highly professional and specific products include Epoxy Resins and '3M EC 9323 A+B' glue, ideal for processing and bonding carbon and Kevlar. We produce carbon fibre laminates of different thicknesses (from 0.4mm up to over 15mm), laser or water-jet cut, on request and according to drawings. We also have carbon fabrics in different weave types (Twill 200 and others), with a height of 1-1.5m, and other heights available upon request.