Hoses and Fittings

STAUBLI Quick Couplings – SPH03

STAUBLI Quick Couplings – SPH05

STAUBLI Quick Couplings – SPT08

STAUBLI Quick Couplings – SPT12

Ergal Racing Fittings – STRAIGHT

Ergal Racing Fittings – 30°

Ergal Racing Fittings – 45°

Ergal Racing Fittings – 60°

Ergal Racing Fittings – 90°

Ergal Racing Fittings – 120°

Ergal Racing Fittings – 150°

Ergal Racing Fittings – 180°

Racing Fittings – Banjo

Bolts for Banjo Fittings

Racing Fittings - Adaptors

Hoses for Ergal Racing Fittings

Racing Fittings for Braking System – STRAIGHT

Racing Fittings for Braking System – 45°

Racing Fittings for Braking System – 90°

Racing Fittings for Braking System – BANJO

Racing Fittings for Braking System – 3 or 4 WAYS

Racing Hoses for Braking System

Hoses STARENE for Motorbike’s Braking System

Racing Hoses (on request)

Alloy Spanners for Fittings – GOODRIDGE

Glass-Silicone Hoses

Glass-Polyurethane Hoses

High Pressure Fittings CEJN eSafe

High Pressure Hoses for PIT-STOP

Momec Italia distributes a wide range of tubes and fittings, specific for cars, motorcycles, racing components and, in general, for motorsport. We have a large catalogue of 'Goodridge' tubes and fittings for brake systems, oil, petrol, etc. Ergal, stainless steel or galvanised steel fittings; straight fittings, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150°. 180° . Various sizes and types of banjo fittings, bolts for fittings, and nipli. We also produce graffiti tubes, with fittings according to your choice and design for car and motorbike racing systems. A wide range of Staubli fittings and valves, high quality, safe and with a quick-release system. Finally, we are a distributor of Cejn high-pressure fittings, used in the racing and motorsport sector.