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NAS Aerospace Bolts - 1300 Series

NAS Aerospace Bolts - 1100 Series

NAS Aerospace Bolts - MS21250 Series

Hex Bolts - High Resistance

Cap Head Bolts - High Resistance

Button Head Bolts - High Resistance

Counter Sunk Head Bolts - High Resistance

TITANIUM GR2 / GR5 - Screws and Bolts

ERGAL ANODIZED - Screws and Bolts

NYLON - Screws and Bolts

Wheel Nuts and Bolts

Momec Italia distributes a wide range of ccrews and bolts specifically for cars, motorcycles and, in general, for motorsport. The NAS (National Aerospace Standard) bolt range includes different types of high-strength fasteners, mainly used in motorsport, racing and aeronautics. The range of titanium screws and bolts includes different types of heads and imprints, such as hexagonal socket heads, countersunk and convex cylindrical series, and hexagonal heads and with a cross or screwdriver cut. In addition to titanium screws, Momec also distributes self-locking nuts, hexagonal nuts, flanged nuts, flat, standard and wide-band washers. Also available in ergal and other high-strength materials, with various sizes, threads and lengths.