Aeronautical Anchor Nuts and K Nuts

Aeronautical Floating Anchor Nuts (Cadmium Free) - BLUE-FM5000

Aeronautical Floating Anchor Nuts - FM5000 and F5000

Aeronautical Fixed Anchor Nuts - KM1000 and K1000

Aeronautical Floating Anchor Nuts 1 Lug - FM2000 and F2000

Aeronautical Fixed Anchor Nuts 1 Lug - KM2000 and K2000

Aeronautical Anchor Nuts Angular 90°- KM3000 and K3000

Aeronautical Anchor Nuts Angular - MKM4000

Aeronautical Floating Anchor Nuts Miniature - MFM5000

Aeronautical Fixed Anchor Nuts Miniature - MKM1000 and MK1000

Aeronautical Floating Anchor Nuts Stainless Steel/High Temp. F701A - F711A

K Nut Hexagonal Self-Locking (Cadmium Free)- BLUE-HM14

K Nut Hexagonal Self-Locking - HM14 and H14

K Nut Hexagonal Self-Locking with Captive Washer - HWM14 e HW14

K Nut Hexagonal Self-Locking Stainless Steel/High Temp. - HM41 and H41

K Nut Polygonal (12 points) Self-Locking - HM20 and H20

K Nut Polygonal (12 points) Self-Locking Stainless Steel/High Temp. - HM35A and H33

Aeronautical Standard Flat Washer - AN960

Military Standard Flat Washer - MS20002

Kit Aeronautical Anchor Nuts

Kit K Nuts Hexagonal Self-Locking

Momec Italia distributes a wide range of fasteners (fasteners or fixing systems) for the aeronautical sector, which can also be used for motorsport and racing. Two important types of aeronautical products are: anchor nuts and self-locking nuts.

KayLock aeronautical nuts and self-locking aeronautical nuts are mainly used in the aerospace, motorsport & racing (car and motorcycle), and industrial sectors. Aircraft anchor nuts are available in a wide range of types and shapes:

  • Floating anchor nuts: these have a 'movable' threaded central part, which makes them easier to fasten.
  • Fixed anchor nuts

Aeronautical anchor nuts are available with one or two fixing lugs, in the olivette mini/reduced in size and also in angular shapes (angular anchor nuts). Excellent resistance to high temperatures (235°c for the normal type and 425°c for the HT type).

KayLock aeronautical nuts, also called "Astori" aeronautical nuts, are hexagonal or polygonal (12-point) in shape. They are self-locking and the main feature is the very high quality that allows them to be used in extreme situations. While maintaining a smaller size than the standard ones on the market, they respond to high work loads (tightness-tension).

The self-locking hexagonal nuts withstand high temperatures (235°c for the normal type 'H14' or 'HM14' and 425°c for the HT type 'H41' or 'HM41'.

Kay's aircraft anchor nuts and self-locking nuts are available with surface treatments with or without cadmium (cadmium free).

Available in metric and inch thread sizes.